Green Turtle Cay, The Abacos – Third Time This Season


May 2-5

We have completed over 1,000 nautical miles for this trip so far!

We decided to nix the Sandy Cay Marine Park. We will have to do that on another trip.  The timing was going to be tough if we wanted to try to get to Green Turtle by sunset to see our friends on Sonjare.  If we took the outside, Atlantic route, we could make better time.  And, of course, everything depends on if the Whale Passage was in a Rage if we could pass or not.  Also, the long term weather we are looking at still, is for crossing the Gulf Stream, and there was a window opening up.  We needed to get-to-gettin’.

Sunrise at Lynyard
Sunrise at Lynyard

We tried going out in the Atlantic for about an hour.  It was ROUGH. Hull was slamming, waves were rocking.  It was going to be a very unpleasant 5-6 hour trip.  Mark chose to turn around, backtrack, and take the inner passage.  I am SO THANKFUL he did.  Instead of beating into the wind and waves, we ended with a pleasant motor trip.

Channel Lighthouse (again)
Channel Lighthouse (again)

The Whale was a bit lumpy, but Uno Mas did great.  Some small sailboats and power boats, however, got WORKED over by the waves…good 6-8 footers. We made it in time for Wreckers and Goombay Smashes at The Wrecking Tree and $5 hamburgers at Sundowners.

We had to keep an eye on the weather system brewing south of us.  That weather system we were running from in the Exumas was looking like it would reach us up North. The winds were due to escalate and swirl, so we decided to pick up a Mooring Ball from Donny in Black Sound again.  He had a spot for us and a ball in White Sound for Sonjare.  To get back and forth, it would either be a very wet and unpleasant dinghy ride, or rent a golf cart.  The golf cart won.

Golf cart, GT3

In between (and during) thunderstorms, we took the cart around and visited Gillam Bay Beach, which is supposed to be a phenominal shelling beach.  However, we were disappointed.  It was a very long beach to walk at low tide, which was great.  We did get a few items, but nothing that was amazing.   We also drove around the island, checking out other places we had not visited before on the two previous trips.  We found Miss Emily’s Bee Bar, which is the home of the original Goombay Smash.  Her daughter Violet runs it now, and we had a great time meeting new boaters and learning about the people on the island.  We also found it much cheaper to buy the Goombay Smash by the gallon, instead of glass by glass.  Plus, we got to take the leftovers home. And, of course, we had to eat a few times at Laure’s Thai Kitchen that is a food truck next to her home.

Angie on dock at White Sound, waiting for Sonjare!
Angie on dock at White Sound, waiting for Sonjare!

We ended up having to move to another of Donny’s mooring balls in Black Sound.  The weather was going to shift and the wind was going to put us very close to a few dock poles.  So, we got to practice our skills again at picking up a ball.  No problems this time around!

Yeah….that weather system, turned into Tropical Storm Anna that ran up the East Coast.  Glad we were on a ball and not in a cove with multiple boats that could possibly drag anchor and run into us.

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