Great Sale Cay – Second Time


May 10

More weather window watching.  The trip to Yankee got nixed.  We needed to keep moving West.  So, we did another shorter day hop (5.5 hours) to Great Sale Cay. We had a nice day sailing with the main and the code zero.


This time, we anchored in the horseshoe cove at the southend. There were no beaches or real mangroves to explore.  However, there was supposed to be a Blue Hole out in the water, but we never found it.  We did see this really weird looking “shallow” area that looked like a sandbar that went across the entire cove entrance.

What IS THAT??
What IS THAT??

But, when we went over it, we still had decent depth.  Angie is wondering if this is that fish phenomenon that the guide books talk about.  Where the fish are feeding off the bottom and the sand stirred up makes it look like a sandbar….. Who Knows???

No beach landings
No beach landings

The anchorage started out with 4 boats in it and ended up with 14 by sunset.  This is a big stopping point for boaters coming and going to the USA.    We had two bars of data and cell phone service if we went to the top of the salon, which was good, so we could keep watch on our Gulf Stream Crossing timeframe.

We finally had those deconstructed blue cheese, bacon, carmelized onion pizzas, which really turned out to be more like tacos, using corn tortilla shells.

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