Crab Cay/S Manjack Cay – Second Time Around

May 6-8

We decided to head to Manjack Cay again.  Sonjare had never been there and we were excited to show them Bill and Leslie’s place and maybe meet up with Lynda and Phil again.  This time though, we anchored more off the North side of Crab Cay to hide from the Southerly winds.  However, again, this anchorage was bouncing us around even though we were tucked in pretty good.  Mark and Craig took the dinghy to visit Bill and Leslie, but the girls opted to forego the rocking and wet dinghy ride.  Bill and Leslie remembered Uno Mas, unbelievable! Plus, they gave us a Chocolate Pudding Fruit, that when ripe, tastes just like…..chocolate pudding!  My new favorite fruit!

Sonjare - The Turtle Whisperers
Sonjare – The Turtle Whisperers

We did have a nice day or two and went searching for turtles in the mangroves.  Last time here, we did not see a single one.  This time though, we counted 34! Plus a baby shark and a sting ray.  The water was calm inside the mangroves, but in the anchorage and outside, it was still choppy.  Mark and Craig went fishing with not much to show for the effort.  The mangrove lagoon you dinghy through to get to the Atlantic and the primo fishing spots, got VERY SHALLOW at low tide.  So, the boys had to motor the dinghy around Crab Cay to get back home.

The Path, Crab Foliage Hike 3, Crab Foliage Hike 2, Crab Foliage Hike 1, Crab

We also were able to hike a bit and show Joy and Craig the Atlantic Beach, Bill and Leslie’s house, and Gilles and Nancy’s place, as well as check out a beautiful overlook we did not see before.

The Overlook
The Overlook
Overlook View
Overlook View

We found that Phil and Lynda were not home and had gone back to California a couple of days before.  Craig was interested in caretaking Bill and Leslie’s house for June and July, when they leave due to the bugs showing up and the temps go up,up,up as well. They do not have air conditioning, and prefer to leave during the height of the heat.

Tree Hike, Crab Hikers, Crab Wild Orchid, Crab

Angie was getting antsy.  The new Gulf Stream crossing weather window was changing and it looked like we might be able to try to visit that glass beach off of Old Yankee Cay.   So, we decided to do a couple short day jaunts and check out new places instead of staying at Manjack and making a run for it with much longer trips.

Besides, the kitties were bored and the bug bites just kept on coming. How could they possibly get worse in the summertime????

Two kitties, Crab Bug Bites, Crab


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