Lynyard Cay, The Abacos – Second Time


May 1

So, the weather outside looked frightful, but the weather reports looked delightful…We had a 1 day opening to get up to the Abacos for the 9 hour trip.  We waited 1.5 hours in the morning, watching the clouds.  They looked ugly.  We watched the weather reports…No clouds. Really??  Then, here’s a thought, can we chase a weather system after it passes us instead of trying to outrun it, which we knew we couldn’t?? MMM??? If it got bad throughout  the day, we can turn around, go up to Great Harbor, or duck in behind Great Abaco at the point.

Let's chase that cloud
Let’s chase that cloud

This one cloud looked horrible, but after it passed over, we went for it, and had an uneventful day motoring.

A & M underway
A & M underway
Great Abaco lighthouse - a duck in point if needed
Great Abaco lighthouse – a duck in point if needed
Flat Seas
Flat Seas

The seas were going with us, so the hull slam was not happening. There was no wind to sail.  Oh, there was some wind, but it was directly infront of us, coming at us, so the sail thing was not going to happen. There were a few storms we had off on the horizons, but no big rain, and we were happy.  We were going to see our friends again!!!  We had a 4-10 knot headwind the entire way and averaged 6 mpg with fuel consumption.  The overall mood on Uno Mas was very upbeat and Angie completed the sixth coozie, just in time for them to be used!

A loaded with to do projects, Lyn 2 Mean Kitty Snooze, Lyn 2 2 more coozies, Lyn 2

We anchored off the north end of Lynyard Cay this time, by a cove where we saw a catamaran the last time we were here. If we could take the Atlantic route all of the way up to Green Turtle, we could meet our friends in time for the Island’s Heritage Days festivities, in another long jaunt.  And, along the way, stop in at Sandy Cay, the Jacques Cousteau Marine Park, which you could see from where we were anchored.  The snorkeling/diving should be fabulous.

Anchoring at Lynyard
Anchoring at Lynyard

Lynyard Cay N anchorage, Lyn 2


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