Nothing Like a “Meet the Folkers” Moment

May, 2015

I can understand Mean Kitty’s fascination with sitting on toilets. When I was a little girl, I could sit forever on the toilet (lid closed, of course) and watch my mom apply make-up and do up her hair in the bathroom.  I do not know why. It didn’t really seem to help since I rarely wear make-up and even rarer “do” my hair.  Maybe that has to do with certain “things” getting skipped every other generation.  Grandma and I seem to be right on par.

mean kitty toilet 2 mean kitty toilet 1

Of course, I could not get a great picture of Mean Kitty, sitting perfectly still, staring up at me. But, she does.  She is infatuated with whatever I am doing, right after closing the lid.  Sometimes, she cannot wait and will circle around my leg while things are “happening.”

She did not do this much on the boat.  Then, we moved back into the RV. The sink is right next to the water closet, and she likes to visit that right after anyone washes their hands as well.

Mean Kitty is pushing 20 years old and jumps off of everything. She is unbelievably agile.

I didn’t really think about all of that until one VERY early morning.

kitty toilet 4

kitty toilet 3
FYI, this is a CLEAN example

Yep, I had to get up and do my business.  Well, in order to “Flush”  our RV toilet, you have to push a foot lever, a 3 inch (give or take) hole opens up at the bottom, and things get washed down. I usually leave the lid up to make sure it all gets where it needs to go because sometimes it needs help. Gross, but,  it does seem a step up from the hand pumping we had to do on the boat for the past couple of months.

As I am doing the final  motions, Mean Kitty skies off of the bed, and SURPRISE, lands inside the open toilet as I am flushing.  Her butt is so tiny, she started going down the hole.  The things I am missing from that particular episode in Meet the Folkers are blue toilet cleaner, Jinxy Cat doing the flushing, AND a push button flush (Now THAT would be a NICE upgrade). Before she completely went down, I caught her by the scruff and tossed her in the shower.  Both of us were in shock.  And, yes, it is confirmed, cats do hate copious amounts of water. Thank goodness she is partially declawed.

I now put the lid down as soon as possible.

Now, I need to get back to sorting and resizing pictures for blog posts, but this was so funny, I had to write it up.



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