Shroud Cay, Central Exumas, Bahamas (Inside the Land and Sea Park) Round 2

Apr 16

It took us a while, but we found or shallow coral head, coral garden and fish drift snorkel at Wax Cay Cut!  It was spectacular, again!  The current was kicking pretty good, so it would be better to wait for tide changes.  Our snorkeling here was cut short when another HUGE barracuda and black tip reef shark showed up.  He was a small 5-6 footer, looking for fish on the coral.  He didn’t seem to be too interested in us, but we decided to get back into the dinghy anyways, where Joy and Angie enjoyed viewing him from above.

Atlantic Spadefish
Atlantic Spadefish

We went back and snorkeled the coral heads hanging out in the anchorage and found the same school of 8 Atlantic Spadefish.  We also saw a nice sized crab and schools of snapper and a large array of tropical fish.  In the anchorage the water visibility was cloudy, so it would be better when the sunlight was more overhead.  However, we did see or first Lionfish.  Being in the Land and Sea Park, a no kill zone, we figured we were not allowed to kill it.  Will need to look up the rules about that!  More about Lionfish in the next write up.

At night, we kept hearing a new clunking noise on the boat.  For some reason, the anchor bridle kept slipping off, and the boat was jerking on the anchor chain instead of the snubber and bridle.  All we can figure is the open, then twist type shackle would hit the seafloor and bounce around enough from the wind and current changes to undo itself.  But Twice??  Still thinking about that one.  At one point, in the pitch black of night, Angie heard a VERY LOUD splash just outside of flashlight range while doing a walk-about.  Probably another shark.

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