Emerald Bay Marina, Great Exuma, Southern Exumas, Bahamas, Part 5

Mar 23-Apr 7

Par norm, the winds and waves were not cooperating and we were stuck dockside for a few more days.

Surf is still up
Surf is still up

It was tough.  We decided to check out the beach near our dock and hit yet another Monday Night Meet and Greet.

We also refueled, colored Angie’s roots, thanks to the color Mark brought back from Colorado, and fixed the falling headliner in our berth.  We also procured some coconuts with water in them, but not sure how to get the water out.

Always - More Electrical Work
Always – More Electrical Work
Step One - Acquire Coconuts
Step One – Acquire Coconuts
Headliner Down
Headliner Down – No, that is not mold.  They had black foam with adhesive on the liner.  The adhesive seems to have failed.
Headliner Fixed
Headliner Fixed
Root Coloring Day -Thanks to Mark bringing the Goods
Root Coloring Day -Thanks to Mark bringing “The Goods”

Now that Angie has a computer again that works, it is time to head off and find poor cell phone service and internet connections so she can try to get the blog back up and going.  Good thing those places seem to have good views to make up for the stress and time involved.

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