Still on Lynyard Cay – Waiting, Abacos, Bahamas


Mar 3-4

Days of being cooped up inside doing computer work with beautiful skies outside, has made Angie anxious.  However, it will be good to get the cloud of corporate and personal tax estimates off the docket.  Now, if only she can get the internet to cooperate with actually making the payments online….another 2 days of trying so far.  The views still are not too bad.

View not so bad
View not so bad

We are prepping the boat for our early departure tomorrow morning for the next big jump down to Eleuthera.  The cuts can be tricky with tides, winds, and current.  Time to find some prime snorkeling and diving with coral heads in the beautiful anchorages instead of having to go out into the Atlantic.  Can’t Wait!

The Cut we need to Traverse
The Cut we need to Traverse
Surrender the Beach Booty
Surrender the Beach Booty


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