Angie’s Been Manjacked

I have been looking for something for quite awhile now.  Over the past couple of years, I have had a really bad attitude about people.  We have had our fair share of dealings with people who want what we have or want Mark’s knowledge and skill, but they do not want to pay for it or put the time in, or offer anything in return.  Then,  they prefer to tell you what you have been working 80-100 hours per week on for over 20 years, is not worth anything. Between our businesses and selling the properties,  I have had enough of people. It was best just to stick with our friends and  acquaintances.  I am very comfortable at being an introvert and a recluse.  Hence, up until our move onto the boat this year, I have not been too interested in meeting very many new people and have been preferring  solitude.

However, being immersed in the cruising boating world, we have met some really great people and my attitude has changed for the best, which is a good thing!   You find people that you meet for five minutes and you instantly feel connected. The vast majority are hard working, decent people which is something these days.  We have met so many great people when working in the boatyard  and now while out cruising.  Cruisers have renewed my faith in humanity.

Manjack  Cay has been  part of that turning point for me.  The people on the island welcome strangers with open arms.  They show you their homes, they give you greens from their garden, they offer you lemonade on their  wrap around deck.  They let you roam their beautiful island.  They have you over for drinks and apps. The boaters we have met and the people living on the island will get together and clean up a beach together or get organized and pull the invasive non-native pine trees.  They will get together and in a day, do two weeks of yardwork for people who have just arrived and found their yard overgrown.  Their kindness is overwhelming.  Hopefully, I will be able to pay it forward and keep the good vibes flowing!

Pet Chickens
Pet Chickens


Thank you Manjack Cay!

Sunset, Manjack S
Sunset, Manjack S

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