Walker Cay-Grand Cay-Double Breasted Cay-Back to Grand Cay

Jan 21- 24, 2015

There are multiple places to Check-In for the Bahamas. Having brought two cats, we were under a deadline of having to get them to a Bahamian Vet (closest one is in Marsh Harbor) within 48 hours of checking in. So, we headed to Walker Cay to Check-In, the closest check-in point. Bad information. No one was there except a groundskeeper for the last standing dilapidated building. The island is abandoned from a hurricane a few years ago. We had to go to the next island, Grand Cay. Exhausted, we decided to do that the next day and anchored behind a small island next door. The water was warm (76 degrees) and the water color was beautiful. Life is good.

Customs Office on Grand Cay
Customs Office on Grand Cay
Customs dock on Grand Cay
Customs dock on Grand Cay

We spent a few days around Grand Cay, Double Breasted Cay (cool place to kayak), found a HUGE piece of a 3 ft amber jack head floating in the water…it had been chomped by a shark, and Mark got his first lobster.

Amber jack head - fish bait
Amber jack head – fish bait

We went dockside at Rosie’s on Grand Cay to ride out some crazy wind changes/storm. There we saw 2 out of 4 boats anchored in front of us drag toward other boats, so were glad we were tied up to a dock. We also had the opportunity to remember how to use fender boards and TideMinder balls on our dock lines to deal with fixed docks and 4 foot tide swings. The night before, in DB Cay, we found the current and wind was a bit disconcerning, pushing us around A LOT when we were in that channel, so it was nice to be tied to a dock.

Double Breasted Cay Channel
Double Breasted Cay Channel

At dockside we completed a few boat projects …Mark was still working electrical (duo charger to power the battery that runs our Lectra San…our “septic system” in the starboard hull)added a couple of line cleats with backer boards to tie the genoa lines to, installed our windshield, installed 12v outlets in our berth so we can charge our cell phones and use the 12v spotlight out our window to check boat movement at night, installed a few rivets in our bimini structure and did 6 loads of laundry.

Departing Rosie's Marina on Grand Cay
Departing Rosie’s Marina on Grand Cay

All in all, a good start to this season. We got some nice dinghy rides in, Mark nabbed his first lobsters, and we found out we did NOT have to take the cats to the vet within 48 hours as advertised on the official documents.   So, no major rush to go anywhere. Which is nice……


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