Initial Blog Post for 2015

What are we doing, where are we going, Etc.

For the past couple of years, we have had Uno Mas hauled out and have done NUMEROUS boat projects.  The major ones being complete navigation, radar, radio and pretty much anything electronic replacement, new Beta engines and saildrives, and variable pitch/ feathering props, new generator (didn’t anticipate THAT one), complete bottom of hull sandblasted, barrier coated, and new bottom paint.  And, unfortunately, we are even starting to replace things we replaced 5 years ago. Boat, salt, water…not a good combination in or out of the water. There is a different header for “Boat Projects” that  will eventually get most project information posted to.

This trip started out as a test for all new systems and to find out which of the existing  systems have died while sitting in salt and humid air conditions, which means carrying  A LOT of spare parts trying to anticipate the next failure.  Even though we raised our water line a few inches (which should be good for an additional 2500 lbs—more in Boat Projects, later), we are STILL heavy in the water. Which means the real water line is above the raised bottom paint line. This is bad because growth attaches to the bottom of the boat where there isn’t any ablative paint, causing the hull speed to go down, and it also means there isn’t the additional barrier coat paint that helps seal the fiberglass from water infiltration. If you want to read horror stories about bottom paints, just Google boats and osmosis, blistering, hull delamination.  We found the overweight issue right off, before we even filled up the 100 gallon water tank,  and 125 gallons of fuel. (Originally we only carried 52 gallons of fuel —see Boat Projects,  sometime in the future) So, we have already added “raise the water line” again to the next haul out project list. (Or put the boat on a diet-Mark)

Our itinerary changes daily. Initially we were going to go to the Bahamas, Spanish Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico (LOVE me some mofongo),  sail along to Panama and get through the Panama Canal this sailing season (Nov-May).  Our long term goal is to circumnavigate.  Realizing we had A LOT of new systems that we wanted to make sure were running properly and tying up loose ends in Colorado, we decided to cut it back to Abacos, Bahamas only, in case we need to get back to Florida quickly.  So far, Uno Mas is running like a champ and we are very pleased with everything, even though since starting out, we have already replaced an over 10 year old (original) outboard dinghy motor, windlass, and Mark is currently working on replacing the water maker (See Boat Projects …someday).

The move onto Uno Mas permanently  factors include if we have property to sell/deal with back in Colorado (unfortunately, yes) and Mech Tech projects(our 18 yr old contracting company).  If we get a huge project  this summer that is currently on the back burner, then we will be heading back to the States in March and have to stay in the Abacos.   If we do not get it, then we will be heading back in May and can head further South, maybe to the Exumas. How far South we go in the Bahamas pretty much is hinging on if that job goes through or not.

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