Downsizing – A Kitchen Fiasco can be Helpful

I have to admit, I am a sucker for info-mercials….All of the late night gadgets on tv that you get 2 if you order RIGHT NOW for only $19.99 RISK FREE!  Yeah, only I never do order RIGHT NOW, thinking I will get over the impulse.  That all goes out the window when I see them in Bed Bath Beyond or WalMart or some other retail shop.  Nope, you definitely do not get the 2-FER deals there.  My anti-impulse impulses always cost me double.

Part of my downsizing dilemma has to deal with all of these kitchen gadgets. More specifically, all of my electric/non-electric chopping, grinding, mixing, juicing, blending, slicing gadgets.  I had one of two appliance garages in my kitchen dedicated to all of these items.  They all do one or two jobs really well.  But, there is NONE that does it all! I was having a hard time trying to figure out what ONE or TWO would be most useful on the boat with the limited amount of space I have, where my entire kitchen storage is about the size of one normal appliance garage, if that.  Part of decluttering for the Open Houses (We HAVE to get rid of the houses/mortgage payments before we move onto the boat) entailed me taking SOME of these gadgets and hiding them in the oven, so my appliance garage had the appearance of having room for somebody else’s gadgets.I never really store anything in the oven, ever.

To my great surprise, after one of the hellacious Open House, 7 hour days, Mark decides he is going to make dinner for me.  Starting off with asparagus wrapped in proscuitto – a favorite.   We both work on wrapping  the aspargus when all of a sudden we start smelling something rather caustic.  Yep, Mark had turned on the oven without checking inside.  I had a molten plastic mandoline, a melted Magic Bullet and accessories, very warped stick blender and all of its accessories, and slightly warped onion/potato dicer and its green dicing grids.  I forget what else. Thankfully, most everything peeled off the oven racks.  They were all still rather hot and flexible.

Part of my decision was made for me.  I no longer had to choose what goes and what stays.   However, the stick blender and attachments were pretty high on the GO list.  BUT,  I am waiting to see if something else GREAT AND MARVELOUS  (that I can’t live without) comes along that will hopefully incorporate a few more accessories to take over the other chopping and slicing and dicing,  oh, and juicing and ice crushing, needs!!  Will somebody Please invent the ONE and ONLY kitchen gadget?? Its dimensions need to be less that a foot tall and about 6 inches wide and made out of stainless steel.  It would also be VERY helpful if it was 12 v, actually had decent power, and have a handcrank option, geared so that the hand cranking actually works…That’s all I ask for, at the moment.  Meanwhile, I am playing the devistated kitchen gadget collector. (Just kidding) But,  Mark keeps bringing me the Bed Bath Beyond coupons that everyone throws out at the post office, so he must be feeling a bit guilty.

Now, what to do about pressure cooker vs crock pot vs rice cooker vs deep fryer??? Dare I even add ice cream maker????

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